Diversity and inclusion

Taking Action to improve equality

Our Equality Objectives demonstrate the Council’s commitment to challenging inequality and promoting a fair and inclusive Sheffield. They will guide the work we do in the city over the next 4 years and help us retain our focus on important areas, so we can really make a difference.

Objective 1 - Strengthen knowledge and understanding of our communities 

As a council we want to provide high quality and accessible services that deliver what matters most to our diverse communities. We know that good quality information leads to well informed decisions, which in turn impact on the suitability and quality of services.

Objective 2 - Ensure our workforce reflects the people that we serve

We will continue to promote inclusion, fairness, and accessibility in our workforce, whilst raising our workforce diversity. A representative workforce will help us deliver services that are accessible, appropriate and help reduce inequalities. Despite progress over recent years and in a period of continued economic challenge, we still do not have a workforce that reflects the diversity of the city, particularly at senior levels. We also have notable differences in the experiences of some staff groups with regard to morale and opportunity.

Objective 3 - Lead the city in celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion

Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. As a council we want to lead the city in celebrating and promoting our diversity and the benefits and opportunities it brings. We will continue to promote inclusion, fairness and accessibility, whilst raising the profile of Sheffield as a great place to live, study and visit.

Objective 4 - Break the cycle of inequality and improve life chances

We know that some groups experience poorer life chances than others and that poverty can be a significant factor in determining life chances and wellbeing. At a local and national level there are also areas of persistent inequality which remain a considerable challenge. We will continue to focus on those in greatest need to ensure that people can access services and support that works for them.

Promoting fairness and equality

We promote equality of opportunity for everyone. It’s important to us and we aim to give every individual the chance to achieve their potential free from barriers, prejudices and discrimination. Our workforce must genuinely reflect the communities we serve, and we’re working hard to make sure it does.

Our Equality and Diversity Policy ensures our commitment to fairness by treating everyone equally respectfully whilst recognising that everyone is different.

We’re proud to be a diverse city

People from different backgrounds and communities live side by side here, creating a rich variety of experiences that has a positive influence on everybody’s lives. It’s one of the reasons why Sheffield is such a great place to live, work and visit.

As a council, we have a vision based on recognising the needs of every local community and promoting inclusion and cohesion, fairness and justice. We not only want to continue bringing our diverse communities together, but we are also taking positive steps to ensure that we reflect and represent those communities at every level of our organisation.

That’s why we are continuously reviewing our recruitment policies to encourage people from every sector of the community to work for us.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to every aspect of our work, from the services we provide to the partners we work with and the goods and services we buy. As part of an extensive Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) process, we engage with local communities and the people who use our services to understand their different needs, so we can continue to improve. And when we’re choosing trading partners, we make sure the process is fair and impartial, and that our chosen suppliers share our commitment to equality and diversity.

This is all part of our aim to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of every community in Sheffield.

What you can expect as an employee

Our open, welcoming, and inclusive atmosphere offers everyone here the support and development opportunities they need. From an appropriate work-life balance, to mentoring and coaching that enables you to build your skills and knowledge, you can look forward to both personal and professional support. You’ll also find a collaborative approach that encourages partnership and teamwork, giving you the opportunity to work closely with – and to learn from – people with different perspectives and viewpoints.

In short, you’ll find an environment where you’ll have every opportunity to fulfil your true potential, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

Sheffield is a Disability Confident employer.